Little Rock Scripture Study

The Way of Justice and Peace

All are invited to join Little Rock Scripture Study. Our study, "The way of Justice and Peace" helps us to reflect on God's call to holiness and our response, the requirements of discipleship, and the lasting rewards of following the way of justice and peace.  Grow in your faoith and make new friends as we look at the Catholic commentary, discuss questions, listen to to a CD on the readings, and join in conversational prayer.  There will be 6 sessions between Oct. and Dec.  Sessions meet on Sun. evenings or Wed. mornings. Books and information will be available after all Masses on Sept. 20-21st. and Sept. 27th-28th, and at the introductory sessions on Oct. 5 or Wed. Oct. 8th.

Contact:  Edie at 458-5390 or [email protected]